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Blue Force Gear Hive Satchel: Now Available

The Blue Force Gear Hive Satchel, a collaboration with Chris Costa which premiered at Shot Show earlier this year, is now available for sale on BFG’s website.  The Hive Satchel is looped lined so the wearer can customize the pack with BFG’s Dapper (Denied Area Pattern) accessories.  According to Solider Systems, BFG is unfortunately producing the Hive Satchel in sprint runs of 300 packs – evidently in an attempt to drive up demand.  I’ve seen this model before and I’m not fond of it.  The pack is also pricey at $195.00 (not including the Dappers).  BFG produces a quality product but it’s hard to tell whether a fully decked out Hive is worthy of the price of admission without doing a field test.  One thing I do like about the design is that it’s ambidextrous – the side pocket and shoulder strap can be switched to a left or right handed orientation.  The shoulder strap also features BFG’s proprietary lightweight Helium Whisper attachment system. 

The Blue Force Gear Hive Satchel’s run first is in the gray color scheme.  It sounds like other colors will be made available in subsequent runs.  If you’ve been waiting for this pack in gray, then I suggest you jump on it now.    

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