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Faler Leather Double Bracelet Review

Faler, based in Dayton Ohio, is one man operation that specializes in leather goods.  John Faler is a craftsman in the true sense of the word.  His leather creations are cut and finished by hand.  The quality is worlds beyond anything mass-produced or made in China.  The Faler Leather Double Bracelet is made from Russet English bridle leather vegetable tanned in Chesterfield, UK.  


Faler Leather Double Bracelet

Faler Leather Double Bracelet


It features a solid brass closure stud with edges waxed with locally sourced organic bees-wax.  Over time the leather will darken with age, but I think it looks great either way.



Faler also offers a single wrap version.  

The Faler Leather Double Bracelet retails for $25 ($20 for the single version) and comes in small, medium, and large (with larger sizes available).  It can be purchased from Faler’s website.  His goods also show up on Massdrop from time to time.    

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