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First Look: Direct Action Legacy Line Packs

We received a box from Direct Action yesterday.  Anyone who often visits this site knows I abhor un-boxing posts and videos BUT I had to show the DA packaging….



That’s not a t-shirt on top.  Each bag they sent us came in its own black Direction Action tote bag.  I thought it was a nice touch that also protects the bags during shipping.

The manufacturer sent over two of the packs from their Legacy Line, which was introduced at the IWA trade fair in Nuremberg Germany in March 2014.


Direction Action Small Messenger Bag and Dragon Egg Backpack

Direction Action Small Messenger Bag and Dragon Egg Backpack


The Small Messenger is compact at 13 X 9.5 X 5.5″ and I was pleasantly surprised about how light it was.  Direct Action went with 500D Cordura nylon and laser cut MOLLE.  As a result, the bag only weighs 1.6 pounds, which puts it in the featherweight class compared to other tactical messengers.  

The Dragon Egg is a mid-sized backpack also made from 500D Cordura brand nylon.  It measures 19 X 10.5 X 7″  with an overall capacity of 1526 cubic inches.  Just about the right size for an Everyday Carry pack.  I immediately noticed the Paracord carry handle and glove friendly zipper pulls which, in addition to being aesthetically cool, are also features that make the bag much more user-friendly.     

Overall impressions of both are very favorable out of the box.  Quality is very good.  I’m especially impressed with the Small Messenger.  The layout is simple and efficient.  I can tell the designers were thoughtful about how the bag might be used.  Organization is left up to the user by leveraging the MOLLE and loop lined internal compartments.  It’s early but I already know I’m going to enjoy carrying this bag.

Reviews on both the Direct Action Small Messenger and Dragon Egg Backpack will be coming later this Spring. Stay tuned!     

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Alan says:

    Any indication of price-point?

    • Blaine B. says:


      All of the packs are currently available for sale at http://directactiongear.com/

      Prices are as follows:

      Small Messenger – $89
      Dragon Egg – $139

      They also have several other models in the Legacy line:

      Dust Backpack: small recce pack – $129
      Ghost Backpack: a larger modular 3-day pack – $159
      Messenger Bag: the big brother to the Small Messenger – $109
      Foxtrot Waist Bag: can be used as a fanny/waistpack (gasp) or a shoulder bag – $79

      Hope that helps!

  2. Myrddraal says:

    Hey Blaine, I’m taking a serious look at the Dragon Egg and the Ghost. Is the Dragon Egg they sent you the olive colorway, and if so, would you say that their website photo of that color is fairly accurate. I’m torn between the olive and the ranger, mostly because I’m worried that the olive is not as subdued as it appears on their site. Their ranger looks closer to what I’d call foliage. Thanks for any insights you can give!

  3. Ronnie Finkbeiner Jr says:

    I am really interested in ordering the Ghost from direct action, is there an American distributor as of yet? Thanks

    • Blaine B. says:

      Ronnie – not that I’m aware of but their website has purchase links on all the product pages which goes to their U.S. store if you picked the right locale. You can order from there direct. I will also inquire about third party resellers.

  4. Direct Action says:

    Ronnie- Thank you for your interests in some of our gear. To answer your question, we(the manufacturer) are the sole North American distributor. We have a US location in Ballston Spa, NY.
    Blaine – We currently do not have any third party distributors within the North American markets. We may in the future.

  5. […] addition to the Tenba insert, look for reviews on the Direction Action Small Messenger Bag and Dragon Egg Backpack.  I’ve enjoyed both and they’re affordable for EDC’ers on a budget, which is […]

  6. Shelly Gambotti says:

    Nice Review., You mentioned you were reviewing 2 of there other bags. I looked but couldn’t find them. Could you point me in the right direction?

    • Blaine B. says:

      Shelly, this wasn’t a review… just a first look. Full reviews will be posted on the bags I mentioned in the article soon. Stay tuned.

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