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First Look: Evergoods CPL24 and MPL30 Backpacks

I’ve come to the realization that I’m in a pretty major EDC pack rut.  So, I’m currently curating a selection of new EDC packs to try. They won’t be from brands like TAD, GoRuck, Arc’teryx, Hill People Gear, or Mystery Ranch.  I want to branch out and experiment with some gear from lesser known manufacturers and perhaps even some start-ups.  Evergoods would fall into that later category.  Their Kickstarter Campaign kicks off July 11th with two new packs – the Evergoods CPL24 and MPL30 Backpacks.  If you’re rolling your eyes right now because you’ve had poor backer experiences like me (two words – “Coolest Cooler”), then you’re probably hesitant to invest again. Nothing is garaunteed, but know that this isn’t two dudes  off the street without industry experience starting up something on a whim.  Jack Barley was the co-founder of GoRuck and was responsible for R&D and Product Development. Kevin Dee worked at “The Forge” – Patagonia’s Advanced R&D Center. Reminscent of GoRuck, their entire design process has been chronicled on social media. Stemming from that and some discussions I’ve had with Jack, I’m convinced they’ll have a successful launch.



Of the two packs, I’m most interested in the CPL24.


Evergoods CPL24 Baackpack

Evergoods CPL24 Baackpack


The profile reminds me of the Arc’teryx Blade 24.  Very streamlined and low profile.  No overt branding. In fact, the external patch is hook and loop so you can cover it with your own patch if desired (although I kind of dig their logo).  Aesthetics-wise, this pack would be at home in a coffee shop or boardroom.  Very urban friendly.

It’s also obvious that Evergoods put a lot of thought and effort into ergonomics.




The shoulder straps are made from EVA foam and are contoured.  The GoRuck DNA is evident.  As you can see from the photo below, this pack will carry high. I’d be willing to bet it will have the same solid feel as the GoRuck GR-Series.


Evergoods - Jack on the Town 1 (207 of 240)


All of the compartment’s of the pack are designed to have their own volume so contents in one doesn’t steal space from another.  There are top and side carry handles.  The laptop sleeve and main compartments can be accessed from the side.  Overall, the CPL24 has lots of thoughtful features. Here’s a video that provides a complete rundown.



Two major omissions from my perspective:

  • No attachment points inside the pack for an admin panel/pouch or additional organization
  • No internal loop panels or pockets for bag carry of a concealed firearm

If the pack carries as good as it looks, then I’d be willing to bench my Vertx EDC Gamut and work around the feature gaps.  


Evergoods MPL30

The MPL30 is designed for more outdoor use.


The Evergoods MPL30 Backpack

The Evergoods MPL30 Backpack


At 30 liters, you can definitely load more gear in this one.  The same design principles were carried over from the CPL24.  Many of the compartments have their own volume.  The straps are contoured.  The back panel is curved to better follow the lines of the body.  I suspect this pack will have a very solid feel also.


MPL KS Grid 1


Here’s another video that provides a rundown of the MPL30’s features.



To be honest, I wasn’t sold on the pack until Jack demonstrated in the video how effective the compression straps were.  The fact that they don’t block access to the main compartment is an added bonus.  In the end, only two things kept me from going with the MPL30:

  • I’m not as fond of black as a colorway for outdoor use.
  • The hip belt is non-removable.

The non-removable hip belt will be a problem for some because this is the Arc’teryx Khard all over again. A pack designed for outdoor use that many will want to EDC if they could only figure out a way to stow the belt.  Arc’teryx finally released an update to the Khard earlier this year.  Time will tell if Evergoods is forced to do the same.    

Overall, I’m excited for this launch.  These packs show promise.  Sign up here to get notified when the Kickstarter launches.  There will be three pricing tiers. 30%, 26% and 22% off expected retail. For the CPL24, that will be $199/209/219.  For the MPL30, $229/239/249.  Obviously, jump in very early if you want to get the best discount.   

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