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First Look: Exotac Titanium NanoSTRIKER XL

The Exotac NanoSTRIKER is my favorite fire starter.  I’ve owned the aluminum XL model in a couple of different colors.  Now Massdrop has made available the Exotac Titanium NanoSTRIKER XL.  


Titanium NanoSTRIKER XL

Titanium NanoSTRIKER XL


It’s been a while since Exotac has made a titanium version.  The standard size NanoSTRIKER in Titanium has been discontinued and they’ve been very difficult and costly to find in the secondary market.  

The Titanium XL includes all the standard stuff including a split ring, extra rubber o-rings, and a lanyard (which I quickly toss and replace with 550 Paracord).  


Exotac Titanium NanoSTRIKER XL 2


If you don’t have a fire starter in your kit then you need to get one.  And the NanoSTRIKER XL is one of the best I’ve tried.  It’s dependable, lightweight, stylish, and does a very good job of throwing sparks.


Nanostriker in Use


Is it necessary to have a titanium one?  No.  Let’s call a spade a spade.  This is more about want than need. 

The Exotac Titanium is now available from Massdrop for $59.99.  There are five days left on the group buy so get one while you can. There’s no guarantee that Massdrop will stock them again. 

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