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First Look: Grey Ghost Gear Stealth Operator Pack Review

If Batman had a day pack, this would be it.  It's the pack that Maxpedition should have made years ago and the one Hazard 4 would have made if it wasn't for their incessant focus on one strap bags.  

The Stealth Operator Pack occupies a real niche.  Quick – name a small light weight two strap day pack that is low profile, covert, and hydration capable with a modular CCW holster and decent organization for Every Day Carry.  I'm still waiting because you are probably struggling to think of one.

The Stealth Operator Pack (SOP) is compact.  It's dimensions are 17.75" Long X 10" Wide X 5" Deep with a volume of 887.5 cubic inches.  Depending on the color, the SOP is made out of a proprietary light weight ripstop, 500D nylon, or LiteLok – a strong abrasion resistant nylon that is 30% lighter than 500D.  The pack in this review is made from the light weight ripstop.

One of the main draws for me was the Stealth's CCW capability.  It comes with an ambi-dextrous modular holster that attaches to a loop field in a pocket behind the admin panel (shown here with my Springfield XD-45c).

The holster includes a magazine loop and is decent enough.  I normally prefer mine with a thumb break like Hazard 4's Stick Up Modular holster, but it would be redundant in this case because the pocket that houses the holster on the Stealth Operator Pack has a velcro closure that holds the firearm in place and hidden from casual view.  This doesn't make for a fast, snag free draw but this is not built for that.  If you're concerned about speed then carry on body in a leather or kydex rig.

The Stealth's Admin panel is decent for this size of pack.  It has a pen slot, larger slot for a knife, and a couple of sleeves that can hold other EDC items.  Note: the picture below is with my .45 hidden in the pocket behind the Admin panel. 


If that doesn't provide enough storage, then the interior main compartment has four mesh pockets that can carry other loose items.  This added built-in organization is a great feature and separates the Stealth from other small ruck type backpacks.

The interior compartment is large enough to fit my 14" Thinkpad T420 laptop but sadly it doesn't have a padded sleeve so you'd want to supply your own with this pack.  

The Stealth also has a hydration pocket that will fit a 3L system like the Source WXP.  Without a frame sheet, when full it will bulge into the main compartment. 

The back panel of the Grey Ghost Gear Stealth Operator Pack is moderately padded and it does include an adjustable sternum strap.  With it's relatively thin shoulder straps, the SOP won't handle a significant loadout comfortably.  But, given it's light weight construction, the pack doesn't work against itself like some other small overbuilt tactical bags made of heavy 1000D Condura (yeah, I'm talking to you Maxpedition).  Most of the load is limited to the contents and that was a welcome departure with this product.  Carrying my .45 caliber handgun or the WXP Bladder, some EDC items, and an extra layer made for a comfortable carry with the SOP.


The quality is very good for the price point.  The stitching is straight with virtually no loose threads.  Strap attachment points are reinforced and box stitched.  Grey Ghost uses real 550 paracord for it's zipper pulls.  The zippers have rain flaps to help prevent water from entering the pack in wet conditions.



I've heaped a ton of praise on the Stealth Operator Pack, but it isn't without flaws.  I've noticed the main compartment zipper does tend to snag on it's rain flap, which gets annoying if you're getting in and out of the pack a lot.  Some loops lower on the pack straps would have allowed for the attachment of a phone holster or small pouch.  Strap management is an issue because Grey Ghost didn't include any keepers (I added some as a mod later).  And at 6'4" with a long torso, I would have loved the pack to be an inch longer but that's just my personal preference.  None of these are major issues.


The Grey Ghost Gear Stealth Operator is now my reference pack for a small grab-n-go bag with organization and CCW capability.  It's available in black, grey, ATACS Foliage Green, and MultiCam.  It currently retails for $89 and is available from the Grey Ghost Gear website.

As always, feel free to post comments here or on the EDC Forums.  I'll do my best to answer any questions you have. 





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8 Responses so far.

  1. Ron Wilson Gallant says:

    Oh lord, you just pushed me on to a new pack. This may replace my Sitka.

  2. Ron Gallant says:

    Sure enough, I just pulled the trigger on the grey version. Should be here in two days. Woohoo!!

  3. Kevin says:

    Do you know the weight of the bag when empty?

    • Blaine B. says:

      No, I don’t have an exact weight but I can tell you it’s extremely light. It’s one of the lightest bags I own and I own quite a few. 😉

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  5. Six says:

    Is this the black version or is it grey and their grey just happens to be very dark? Sorry, my eyes aren’t great

    Excellent review, thank you!

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