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First Look: LiftRider Backpack

With the season coming up, I thought I’d highlight a pack that is purpose-built for you skiers out there.  The Liftrider Backpack was yet another Kickstarter project.  Not a huge fan of KS these days but this one promises to address many of the needs that skiers have while on the slopes.


LiftRider Backpack

LiftRider Backpack


It has a tapered design with an upper compartment is that designed to rest above the back of a ski lift chair so the contents don’t get crushed and cause discomfort.    A slim design that doesn’t throw off the balance of the wearer while on skis.  And useful features like an insulated hydration bladder compartment, glove friendly strap adjustments and buckles, soft lined google/sunglasses pocket, and a compartment for a powercell with cord routing to a shoulder compartment for phone use.  

I snowshoe during the winter and use a Camelbak Pitt Boss – another excellent purpose-built winter sport pack.  Although the LiftRider was designed with resort skiers in mind, I could also see it being ideal for side-country snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

Here is a video showing all the pack’s features.



The Kickstarter project for the LiftRider was funded earlier in the year and the first round of production packs are scheduled to get delivered in November 2017.  The pack retails for $125 (including the thermally insulated hydration system) and is available via pre-order on their website here.    

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