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First Look: Tribe One OP Series MiniNet

My favorite feature on packs like the Triple Aught Design Litespeed and Camelbak Urban Assault is the Transporter Tail.  It’s a great quick stash storage area for jackets, hats, gloves, scarfs/shemaghs, wet clothes, etc.  However, not all packs have one.  In those cases, the Tribe One OP Series MiniNet might be a decent alternative.


OP Series MiniNet

OP Series MiniNet


The MiniNet is the smaller version of Tribe One’s LP Series PackNet.  It’s made from high strength, UV resistant shock cord and is designed for securing gear to the outside of any pack.  The MiniNet adds up to 18 Liters/1098 cubic inches of capacity and can installed on any bag using a unique four point attachment system.


MiniNet Gym Bag


The MiniNet comes with four aluminum carabiners and four of Tribe One’s PackTachs.  The PackTach is an accessory that allows the user to create a draw point on any fabric without causing damage.  The following video shows how they work.



The OP Series MiniNet comes in black, olive drab, and desert tan.  It retails for $24.95 and is available from Tribe One Outdoor’s website and other online retailers.

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  1. Edison says:

    I was trying to figure out how that device could create tie down points without damaging the base fabric. That’s an impressively smart and simple solution.

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