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First Look: Vertx EDC Ready Pack

The newly released Vertx EDC Ready Pack is a more compact version of it’s larger cousin, the Vertx EDC Gamut.


Vertx EDC Ready Pack

Vertx EDC Ready Pack


However, Vertx didn’t take the easy way out and just shrink the Gamut.  They listened to customer feedback and addressed some of the common complaints about the Gamut by incorporating some feature changes in this new design.

The EDC Ready Pack is 19″ H x 11″ W x 8.5″ D and has a capacity of 25 Liters.  That’s three inches shorter and narrower than the Gamut while adding an extra 1.5 inches in depth.  For many under 6′ tall or those who have a smaller frame, the Ready Pack will be a more proportionally sized option.

The weight is 3.0 lbs empty (a full pound lighter than the Gamut). 

Here is a shot of the EDC Gamut and Ready Pack side-by-side…


Vertx EDC Gamyt (left) and Vertx EDC Ready Pack (right)

Vertx EDC Gamyt (left) and Vertx EDC Ready Pack (right)


Both have grab handles directly beneath the sewn logo although the Ready Pack’s is more covert.  Gone is the Gamut’s top zippered compartment in favor of a larger, more versatile pocket on the lower front panel.

Speaking of the front panels, they can be tucked in and out-of-the-way on both packs to expose a MOLLE/Loop panel underneath…



On the Gamut, its tucked up and under and secured with hook and loop whereas on the Ready Pack it’s tucked down in behind the lower panel pocket.



The exposed area behind the lower panel pocket (shown above) is lined with loop material.  When the Ready Pack’s front panel is up, it makes for a great deep concealment option for CCW.

The back panel, sternum, and shoulder strap design is very similar on both, which is great because I found the Gamut to be one of the most comfortable packs under load that I use on a regular basis.



Vertx carried over the interior back panel compartment design.  It provides a large loop panel that can be used with Vertx’s Tactigami accessories to provide more organization or a quick access weapons compartment.  It also allows for zippered access to the pack’s frame sheet.



The design of the side panels of the Ready Pack has been simplified.  Gone are the Gamut’s zippered compartments and compression straps in favor of larger stretch pockets. 



Unlike the Gamut, the stretch pockets on the Ready Pack can be expanded via a bungee/cord lock pull to fit a 32 or 40 ounce Hydro Flask.



Although the larger bottle does steal a little space from the main compartment…



Moving inside, both packs have an admin area.  Vertx eliminated one slot on the Ready Pack and made the other three larger so they can accept a wider variety of knives, flashlights, multi-tools, etc.  



They kept the light-colored interior and added red zippers for even better visibility in low light conditions.   

The interior laptop sleeve on the EDC Ready Pack can fit up to a 15″ laptop.  It’s not as padded as the sleeve in the Gamut to cut weight, but it is slightly raised and the bottom of the pack has padding for added protection.   



There are external ports for a hydration hose so the sleeve can also be used to hold a 3 Liter Reservoir.



One change I didn’t like is the Ready Pack does not zip open flat like the Gamut.  I’ve never understood why manufacturers do this.  The justification is typically “so the contents don’t fall out” but bags that open flat are so much easier to pack and well worth the trade-off.  Plus, in all the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve never had a large YKK zipper open on its own. 



The Ready pack also has only one zippered mesh pocket in the main compartment versus the Gamut’s three.  Whether they are missed or not depends on how the wearer organizes his or her kit.  

Perhaps to account for that loss of organization, Vertx added a second built-in admin area in the lower panel pocket.



It allows quick access to small items without having to get into the main body of the pack.


Overall, the Ready Pack is a nice addition to the Vertx 2.0 generation pack line.  It provides a daypack sized option that’s a step down in capacity versus the Gamut and Gamut Plus while still retaining some of the key features that people loved about those packs.  

The Vertx EDC Ready pack retails for $149.95 in Black and Smoke Grey.  I’ll post a full review after I’ve had more of a chance to carry this pack. Stay tuned!    

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Ricardo Vazquez says:

    What material is it made of?

    • Blaine B. says:

      Ricardo, I wasn’t able to get confirmation from Vertx but I believe the material is Cordura’s Lite Plus. The Gamut is made from the same fabric and I’ve had no issues with durability whatsoever. It’s held up great.

  2. Ricardo Vazquez says:

    Awesome I am 5’9 and was looking for a smaller pack to the gamut. Looking forward to your follow up review on the pack. I can’t really find much reviews on it.

  3. Ricardo Vazquez says:

    Just ordered the smoke gray! Can’t wait to get it and try it out!

  4. Nightowl says:

    Any updates on this one, brother?

    • Blaine B. says:


      I will be posting the full review soon but overall I’ll say that it’s currently one of my favorite day packs. Right up there with the Camelbak HAWG. I tend to carry the Vertx EDC Gamut more due to the need for added capacity, but I actually prefer the layout of this pack over that one. Particularly for water bottle and concealed carry.

  5. heavyduti says:

    Any longer-term impressions?

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  8. David Hampton says:

    Great Review, thank you for taking the time.
    Does the Ready have the same storage size as the Garmut in the main compartment?
    According to Vertx site it’s 3 inches shorter in width

  9. dj says:

    Thanks for the comparison/review. I just pulled the trigger on the Ready Pack. Woot! I did so even though I really wanted the larger Garmut – its water bottle holders were a sticking point for me though. Hence the Ready. Hope I like it. Thanks again.

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