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FITNESS: Mixing up your Workouts

You can load up on all the gear you want, but if you’re out of shape, are you going to get the most out of it?  For you Preppers out there – is your body going to hold up in a true SHTF scenario?  I’ll be honest; I’m not where I want to be.  Judging from some of the pics posted to popular EDC discussion boards; some of you aren’t either.

What am I doing about it?  Well, what I’m not doing is hitting the weight pile every other day.  I did that for years and now it bores me to tears.  Now I vary my workouts.  I’ve added biking and kayaking to the mix.  Kayaking is a great upper body workout.  I still enjoying hiking and even trail running if my knees are feeling good.  But, what’s really kicked my ass lately is my wife’s Body Pump class.

Say what?  Don’t judge.  She had me attend on a bit of a dare and I wasn’t the only guy in there.  One told me he uses the class to help him prepare for Tough Mudder and other events.  I was less skeptical after our talk.  Truth is I’m not enthralled with the music or the overall vibe but you’ll get as much out of the workout as you’re willing to put into it because you can vary the weight being used.  It’s all low weight, high reps to exhaustion kind of stuff.  And when I say high reps… I’m not exaggerating.  There’s been several times when I went into a series of sets all macho with more weight and had to down shift because I ran out of steam.  After the first class, I could barely move the first day.  It was a good hurt.

Here’s a video that echos what I’m saying.



Anyway, I look forward to the class now.  And because it doesn’t involve a lot of gear, I can replicate it at home if I miss days.  If your gym has the class, I highly recommend you put your ego aside and give it a try.

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