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Gear Diary: Backpacking Late Bloomer

I’ve loved the outdoors but like a casual lover, my devotion hasn’t been absolute.  We’ve always treated each other well when we’re together but for very short spurts.  Usually no more than a day at a time.  I need to commit and I’m really not sure what I’ve waited for.  

Maybe it’s because I’m a Gen X’er and I worry about “becoming a backpacking curmudgeon”.  It’s a good theory but I actually think it’s because I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator and I do nothing better than anyone.  Anyway, better late than never.  I’ve set out to rail against the “Done in a Day” trend.

Since I am a Backpacking “late bloomer”, I’ve discovered there is an enormous learning curve.  One I’ve set out to overcome with gusto.  Fortunately, in the Digital Age, there are plenty of resources online .  For instance, I came across this article by Wes Siler with some very sound advice for first timers.  It and others have helped me knowledge up and gear up while not going crazy on stuff I don’t need.

As I venture out, I will be sure to share my experiences.  You’ll see an influx of Backpacking oriented gear reviews on the site.  But, never fear gentle readers… there will still be plenty of Everyday Carry content also. 😉 



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  1. Don Curtis says:

    Who you calling gentle?

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