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Gear Diary: A Renewed Interest in Leather Goods

Other than belts and shoes, I have owned anything leather in a while.  I know some still love leather bags, such as this Saddleback Tablet Bag….


Saddleback Tablet Bag

Saddleback Tablet Bag


But, the added weight of leather (the above bag weighs 2.8 lbs empty) is a show stopper for me.  If I bag weighs me down and isn’t comfortable to carry then it usually stays at home. 

With that said, my time spent at Defy Bags sparked my interest in Horween Leather.  For instance, I’m biting at the bit to add a Mr. Groper handle to my Recon Waxed Canvas Edition Messenger.  It’s not that the standard 2″ seatbelt strap handle isn’t comfortable.  It is.  The Groper would just add a little something extra to the overall experience of using the bag.  


Mr. Groper   Defy Bags


My research into Horween led me to the world of Biker Wallets.  Don’t ask me how.  That was two or three adult beverages and more than a few Google searches ago. Through my Google Fu, I found Tanner Goods out of Portland, Oregon.  Their Workman Wallet looks amazing and doesn’t break the bank compared to other brands like Red Moon, Obbi Good, and Flat Head.



Workman Wallet   Tanner Goods


I’m not sure whether I’d want a Biker Wallet that long or something shorter that wouldn’t stick out of my back pocket so far.  But, it would be a worthwhile project to find out.  

I also love the Tanner Goods Double Wristband, which is part of their Everyday Carry Collection. 


Double Wristband   Tanner Goods


So, I guess where I’m going with this is expect more leather reviews in the future here on Loadedpocketz.  Drop a comment and let me know if that’s something you’d like to see.  Also feel free to educate me on some of your favorite brands (no manufacturer spam please).  Mass produced or custom – either one is fair game.        

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Gnarly says:

    Hellbent for leather!
    OK, Brer Blaine….if yer gonna talk leather, the job isn’t complete without a favorable mention of Duke & Laurel Wagner’s outfit: Down Home Leather, over in Mt.Vernon,Ohio….click on their “Pen Knife Key Case”, then work up….
    Then circle back to yer home state: Schaumburg,IL has some real characters! Included in that number: Dan, and Spen, at JRE Leather. First stop there: their fine Leather Strop Bat.
    As Ankerson would say: gets ’em air-bleeding sharp.
    Both outfits make fine gear, here in the USA ; proud to own stuff from both.


  2. Scott says:

    Ha! A little removed from the intent of your post but I just need to comment on the Mr. Groper handle wrap. I picked up a Defy 1st class (small) back in early 2012 and although the bag is far from perfect, it has stood the test of time for my office carry since it’s arrival. However, the one glaring problem when the bag arrived was that the handle was simply a strip of 1″ webbing that felt like razor wire in the hand. Absolutely unbelievable for a bag that seemed sized to carry by the handle. My solution, was to run down to a local leather supply house and make a wrap out of a nice piece of black leather. Seems that Defy figured this out as well :-)

    Regardless, I’m interested in what you find as you search for good leather carry. When it comes to wallet’s, I’ve found some success in the koyono Slimmy as a front pocket wallet and would be interested if you look at some of the bellroy offerings since I seem them advertised heavily on the net. I’ve had some nice wallets like the Ghurka leather offerings from many years ago but the size just didn’t jive with my carry methods (think castanza). I’ve had the same problem with most of the traditional leather bags I’ve tried as they tend to be too heavy and eventually succumb to the “cool but not practical camp” since heavy hides for strength are counter to light weight for EDC. Good luck and have fun on the pricer side of carry.

    • Blaine B. says:

      Scott – I ventured into the pricier side of carry some time ago. It’s been painful at times as my bank account can attest.

      I was aware of Bellroy due to their affiliation with Carryology. I’ve heard good things. Great suggestion.

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