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Gear Diary: TAD Legacy and High Loft Fleece Deathmatch

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I took advantage of Triple Aught Design’s virtual Dogpatch Warehouse Sale to snag a 2011 Stealth Hoodie LT for $160.  Wow, what a night and day difference between that model and the 2014 version I reviewed earlier this year.

As I mentioned in that review, the 2014 version is closer to a hard shell and while it gave me confidence that it would hold up under harsh conditions, I thought it was overkill for what I needed it for.  The 2011 version on paper is similar in spec ( Schoeller c_change, 3XDRY and Coldblack sun reflector), but the outer shell is more pliable and soft shell-like.  I also think it might be lighter in overall weight.  Either way, I’m glad I got it because I definitely prefer this version of the jacket to the new model.  And it’s the no-patch in black, which is probably more urban friendly also. Christmas has definitely come early this year!

Speaking of TAD, I’m gearing up for another Deathmatch series.  The High Loft Fleece Deathmatch will pit Triple Aught Design’s 2014 Shag Master Hoodie head-to-head against the military issued PCU version of Beyond Clothing’s S3 High Loft Fleece Jacket.  I’m also going to reach out to Melanzana to see whether they want to throw their well-regarded High Loft Hoodie into the mix.  It should be a fun and very timely comparison review considering winter is upon us.  Stay tuned.

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