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Glock 43 Reliability

We always want to be balanced in our views here so after my Glock 43 versus Shield article, I wanted to share with you a great video that the guys over at the Iraqverteran8888 Youtube channel did on the Glock 43.  




They were fortunate enough to acquire an early sample and shot nearly every type of popular hollow point carry round through the gun.  They didn’t do a bunch of rounds of each, but everything they shot cycled and shot flawlessly through the Glock 43.  Well, except for a slide stop issue at the 14:37 mark.




This is going to be a controversial topic but the guys did have a problem with the gun feeding hollow point ammunition riding the slide stop to chamber the first round.  Now, the only time I’d use the slide stop to chamber a round is in a situation where my off-hand was inoperable.  Otherwise, I’m manually racking the slide and not relying on finding and actuating a stiff little slide stop button under stress to get the gun back into the fight.  I think many firearm instructors would agree.

But what if your off-arm/hand is injured or two weak and one-handed operation is needed?  Or what if you’ve trained using the slide stop?  Well, with high-profile sights or leveraging the ejection port, you can rack the slide using your belt/holster or the side of your shoe…




Otherwise, if what they found is truly a flaw with the production gun, there are going to be shooters who will find issue with that aspect of the Glock 43’s reliability.  In my opinion, I don’t think it’s a huge deal because it isn’t manual of arms.  It’s called a slide stop… not a slide release… for a reason.  Your mileage may vary.  I do think it was great to see the Glock 43 cycle all those hollow point rounds – especially the Federal HST 9mm, which is a proven commodity with police departments across the country and my personal carry round that I run through my Shield.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Will it Hurt a recoil sensitive Person with weak hands and Is the grip confortable.How Much Is the trigger pull and does it have 60% more recoil than the Glock 17 and 19?Thanx very Much

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