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GoRuck’s Steals and Deals is Back

The last time GoRuck had their Steals and Deals inventory clearing event, I picked up a GoRuck 10L Bullet.  It has been a great pack.  I’ve used it on trips, to the gym, and around town.  All of the complaints I had about the GR1 and its lack of features don’t apply to a grab-and-go like the Bullet.  Simplicity rules and the design of the Bullet is very user-friendly – exactly what I want in this type of bag.  I only wished it were a little bigger.  GoRuck makes a 15L version but it wasn’t available in the last Steals and Deals.  This time it is and that means my 10L is going on the block and its replacement will get here soon.


GoRuck Bullet 15L

GoRuck Bullet 15L


Prices on lots of other GoRuck gear has been discounted this time around.  In addition to the Bullet 15L, they’re clearing out the GR0, 38L Gym Bag, Large and Medium Pistol Rugs, and loads of accessories including the TAC Hats.  The sale ends on Friday, 5/8/2015 (tomorrow) at Midnight so don’t procrastinate if you’ve waited to grab any of these items.  GoRuck doesn’t hold these sales very often.         

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  1. Bjarne martens says:

    Hi Blaine. I have the bullet 15 (and the 10). The 15 is a perfect size for a grab and go bag. I also think the looks of it is a little better.

    Keep up the God work :-)

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