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Hill People Gear Tarahumara Stick It Mod

One of the great things about the Hill People Gear Tarahumara is that it provides a platform on which you can expand capabilities to meet a variety of carry needs.  I’ve tried other gear in combination with the “Tara” and one thing I discovered is you can easily clip in a Mystery Ranch Stick It pocket without any permanent modifications.


Hill People Gear Tarahumara and Mystery Ranch Stick It

Hill People Gear Tarahumara and Mystery Ranch Stick It


The Tara’s upper compression straps buckle right into the Stick It.  There is a lot of extra webbing so I used ITW Web Dominators  to take of the excess.  The lower compression straps can still be used and in fact they do a great job of compressing whatever is in the pocket keeping it tight against the pack.



To anchor the bottom, I used the Tara’s paracord lashing system; ignoring the Tara’s top loops and using the bottom ones to attach the pack to the Stick It.  



This allows the Stick It to work as intended.  It can be unbuckled and yet still stays connected to the pack.  



Using the Stick It adds a quick access pocket to store items that you need to stash on the outside of the pack within easy reach.  It can also free up capacity.  For instance, I can move my gloves from one of the wand pockets to the Stick It.  I could then put a Nalgene in the wand pocket providing extra hydration.  That’s just an example, but you get the idea.



The Hill People Gear Tarahumara has proven to be an extremely versatile pack.  I continue to experiment around with it and will share other ideas as I do.   

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Tod says:

    Heyyyy, nice!

  2. heavyduti says:

    It looks better to me with the Stick-it.

  3. Lt. Dan says:

    Where can one obtain a stick-it? Mystery ranch seems to have discontinued them?

    • Blaine B. says:

      Lt. Dan – only grey market sources now. USN, Kifaru Trading Post, Blade Forums, various Facebook Groups, and Evil Bay are all places to keep an eye out. Heck, our own Heavyduti put a foliage one up for sale on eBay just last week. 😉 To be honest, that’s the first one I’ve seen in a while sold separately and not attached to a pack as a combo deal.

  4. heavyduti says:

    Might be another brand new one with tag in foliage but I’m looking for a Multicam Goruck RR, 0 or 1. Would add cash of course or other trade goods.

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