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How To: Attach a Lanyard to the Maratac AAA Flashlight

I recently acquired a Maratac AAA Copper Flashlight via Massdrop.  It’s a great light now that County Comm has gone with three modes in the Rev 3. However, if you like attaching lanyards to your lights, one thing they don’t include with the AAA Copper is a split ring.  And it can be frustrating attaching paracord to the light without one.

I decided to attach my own.  Here are the materials I assembled after some research:

550 Paracord
6mm Black Nickel Split Rings (available here from Hobby Lobby)
Split Ring Pliers (available here from Hobby Lobby)
Lanyard Bead – like this awesome copper Iron Man Bead from Sosa Beadworx 


The Split Ring Pliers are needed to open the split ring so it can be slipped onto the eye loop on the flight.  If you’ve never used these type of pliers, there is a decent tutorial here.  Even with the pliers, it took some trial and error and a lot of patience to get the small split ring onto the light because of the thickness of the eye loop.  When you’re done, it should look like this.



From there, thread the paracord through the bead.  I melted the ends to a point to help thread them.  Since I’m knot challenged, I chose a simple Matthew Walker stop knot to secure the bead on the paracord.



Even for a beginner, the Matthew Walker is pretty straight forward.  To finish the ends, I usually pull the inner strands out, cut them, pull the outer cord back into place, and then melt the ends for a cleaner look.  Here is finished product.



Tony Stark would be proud. 😉

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