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Leatherman Raptor Review

I’ve wanted the Leatherman Raptor since the day I handled one at the NRA Convention two years ago.  


The Leatherman Raptor

The Leatherman Raptor


I normally keep medical shears in my EDC kit.  Whipping out a folder isn’t always a good idea in certain environments and using them for various cutting tasks keeps me from having to dull the blade of my knife unnecessarily.  This past month, I got the Raptor from my Father as a birthday present (Thanks Dad!) so now I’m able to upgrade.


My old medical shears and the new Raptor

My old medical shears and the new Raptor


Yes, the Raptor is much larger and adds about 5.5 ounces to my load-out.  I don’t mind adding a little bulk and weight to my kit if there are benefits.  And the Raptor is a much more versatile tool than what it’s replacing.  


The 1.9 inch shears are made from a high-carbon (HC) form of 420 stainless steel.  Leatherman included a 5cm ruler for wound measurement.



The stout blades will cut through thick clothing, leather, rope, wire, zip ties, and even soft metal.  I cut through this copper penny with the shears without much effort.



Leatherman also included a strap cutter. Which can also be used to cut paracord and other things.  



The strap cutter can be deployed when the shears are folded closed.  It is held in place using a frame lock. Lockup is rock solid.  



The handles are made from glass-filled nylon.  I’ve found them to be very comfortable.  The finger choil underneath really helps when you need to grip down hard to apply extra force for tough cutting tasks.    The Carbide Glass Breaker and Oxygen Tank Wrench are nice additions.  Two less tools to carry. 



There’s also a Ring Cutter.  



The pocket clip provides more carry options.



Leatherman also included a holster but I don’t think I’ll use it much since they included a pocket clip.



I’m very excited to add this tool to my EDC.  There aren’t many cutting tasks this beast won’t handle, the other tools are an added bonus, and with Leatherman’s 25-year repair or replace warranty, I suspect it will be part of my kit for a very long time to come.

The Leatherman Raptor retails for $69.85 and can be found in many places where Leatherman tools are sold including Amazon.   

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4 Responses so far.

  1. arthurvino says:

    Excellent piece of kit. looking to add hi-vis orange one to my MedKit

  2. Monty Amick says:

    An awesome tool. Very necessary in a edc. Like you said, in many situations a knife is just not ideal. Doesn’t even have to be medical related.

    • Blaine B. says:

      Yeah, my Dad questioned why I was asking for a “paramedic tool”. Definitely useful for a variety of cutting tasks. My biggest issue now will be to keep others are borrowing and not returning it. Everyone who has handled it wants one.

  3. […] shears to quickly remove clothing and to perform other cutting tasks.  I’ve upgraded to Leatherman Raptor Shears but a cheap pair of disposable combat shears would do.  A mouth-to-mouth mask for resuscitation. […]

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