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Loadedpocketz Status

In a few months we’ll hit our two year mark and so I wanted to give subscribers an idea on how we’re doing.

First off, the number of visits monthly has never been higher and it’s trending upward.  Traffic is the lifeblood for any blog so for that I thank all of you.

Comments are also important.  Manufacturers like sites that show engagement and interest.  So please continue to post comments and questions.  They don’t all have to be complimentary.  Constructive feedback is welcome also.  I generally approve all comments unless it’s outright spam.  People have the right to be heard and your opinions are important.  If you’re a “lurker” and generally don’t leave comments then that’s OK also.  But, I’d love for your voices to be heard and the site will benefit greatly from it.  So take the time to drop a note if you can.

A “Like”  button has been added to the bottom of every post as well as social sharing options.  If you like an article, then feel free to share it with others.  That will grow our community which will fuel more opportunities to feature cool gear and more subscriber giveaways.

I’ve been asked about starting a forum.  I don’t think we’ll go there but never say never.  I’ve also been asked about designing gear.  I could see myself partnering with a manufacturer to design a patch, pouch, or bag.  That is a more likely scenario but nothing is in the works right now.  My focus is on the writing.

There will be more YouTube videos.  You’ve asked for more and therefore there will be more.

That’s pretty much it.  Thanks again for taking the time to visit and interact!


Best Regards,





7 Responses so far.

  1. jarheadgreasemonkey says:

    Ask and ye shall receive…

    Further likes and comments inbound!

  2. lunaticneko says:

    Thanks for sharing everything for the past two years. Here’s a like, and a proposal for a future-order if you make awesome gear that doesn’t cost more than the item value to ship to my place. (International, that is.)

    (In the meantime … is this a WordPress comment system? Let me try something with my identity …)

  3. This is the only blog I actually subscribe to and read. Keep up the great work Blaine.

  4. Gnarly says:

    And more COWBELL?

  5. Rexx says:

    Great to hear, Blaine! Keep up the good work. I always like reading your posts on gear. Your reviews are always well-balanced and insightful. If you start working with a manufacturer for gear, keep us posted. I would be interested to see if Goruck were to incorporate any of your previous suggestions.

  6. Congratulations on your upcoming two year anniversary! My other blog is approaching its eighth year and at some point (if you haven’t already) residual posts will generate a majority of your visits from organic search. It is rewarding to see people finding value in older content.

    In regards to partnering up with a manufacturer, I have some contact information from a few bag design companies in our particular areas of interest. Please email me if you’re interested.

    Congrats again, keep writing!

  7. Mike R. says:

    Same here. This is the only blog I subscribe to. Great, unbiased information and super photography!

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