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Magpul The Complete Art of the Firearm Series

Magpul Dynamics is offering their complete training library as part of a special package called “The Complete Art of the Firearm Series”.  The DVD special edition boxed set includes over 46 hours of footage on 24 discs; all housed in a custom wooden slipcase.  It has all of their classic videos including an extended edition of The Art of the Dynamic Handgun with two extra discs, The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun, The Art of the Precision Rifle, and a 2-disc Special Features set.  The Special Features set has over 3.5 hours of new footage and training including Low Light Operations, Go Bags, rough-cuts of Dynamic Vehicle and Skydiving Techniques, and the complete Aerial Platform Operations.  Much of the footage features Chris Costa and Travis Haley, who both went on to establish their own training schools and brands. 




I don’t have an extensive training library (yet) so this will be a perfect way to get it jump started.  What sold me were the great reviews that parts of this series has received over the years and the price.  Right now, Magpul is making the entire set available for $100.  That’s a great deal and I took advantage of it.


Training 1


Still not sold?  If you haven’t seen it, check out this trailer for the Tactical Carbine series.




If that didn’t get you fired up then I can’t help you.  The set can be purchased here and according to Magpul, supplies are limited.  

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