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Oneiros Valley THE-E Pocket Organizer Review

I have bags in my collection that have excellent built-in organization and others that don’t.  For the later, I usually rely on drop-in pouches to fill the gap.  One I’ve been testing recently is a prototype of Oneiros Valley’s THE-E Pocket Organizer.

The pouch is made from 500D Cordura nylon, mil spec quality webbing, and T-70 nylon thread. The zipper pulls are 550 paracord.   Empty weight is 4.9 ounces.


Oneiros Valley THE-E Pocket Organizer

Oneiros Valley THE-E Pocket Organizer


THE-E Pocket Organizer is mid-sized measuring 5.25″ x 6.5″ x 1″; falling in-between small pouches like Maxpedition’s Mini Pocket Organizer, which can fit in a back pocket, and the Spec Ops Cargo Pants Organizer designed to fit in a cargo pants leg pocket.


Clockwise from top, the Maxpedition Micro Organizer, THE-E Pocket Organizer and the Spec Ops Cargo Pocket Organizer

Clockwise from top, the Maxpedition Micro Organizer, THE-E Pocket Organizer and the Spec Ops Cargo Pocket Organizer


I mentioned in my original review of the Spec Ops pouch that I thought it was almost too big to work as a cargo pants pouch.  The Oneiros Valley pouch excels in that role.  It’s not as wide so slipping in and out of a pocket is much easier; especially when it’s loaded for bear.

And that’s exactly what I did most of the time.  THE E-Pocket Organizer can hold a lot of gear.  It has two outside pen/knife sleeves, which were perfect to store long narrow items like my County Comm Embassy Pen.



The outside zippered pockets (one on each side) are a nice feature, but if you stuff the pouch full, they become hard to use.  I stored my Leatherman Bit Kit in one and left the other empty most of the time to give the main zipper a break.  More on that in a minute.



The clam shell design allows easy access to the contents inside.  In total, there are 5 total rows of 1″ elastic webbing and 1 row of 2″ elastic.  The top panel features one 2″ wide loop bracketed by two 1.5″ loops.  I used them to secure (from left to right) my Kershaw Blur BDZ-1 folder, an extra magazine for my M&P Shield 9mm pistol, and Sunwayman flashlight.

Two slip pockets behind the loop panel are perfect for notepads or longer items like these Maratac Compact Trauma Shears.



The bottom panel has one 2.5″ and one 1.375″ loop on either side.  The smaller loop was a tight squeeze for my Leatherman Skeletool.  The 2.5″ held a Batuca battery case with extra CR123 batteries and a credit card for emergency cash.  The other 1.375″ loop secured my stainless steel CRL cache and a flash drive.  A Rite in the Rain notebook fit in the back sleeve.



Another loop on the spine between the two panels held my nanoSTRIKER XL ferrocerium rod.



In total, that’s a lot of kit that I could quickly transfer from bag to bag.  And it covers most of the basics.  A pair of scissors for general cutting tasks.  A knife for food prep and self-defense.   A light source with extra batteries for sustained use.  A medium duty multi-tool.  A pen and paper for jotting notes.  Emergency funds and personal information stored on an encrypted thumb drive.  A fire source and a water tight cache for medication, dry tinder, or other small bits.  And extra rounds for my firearm. 

That’s brings me to the only issue I had with the pouch.  When stuffed to capacity, the main compartment zipper would catch on the edges; most of the time snagging on the storm fly.  The prototype I was sent featured generic Chinese zippers whereas the final production model will have YKK zippers.  Hopefully that will make a difference because I often had to scale back what I stored in the pouch to make the main zipper operable.




Overall, I found THE-E Pocket Organizer to be an excellent piece of kit.  The stitching was very good and aside from the zippers used on the protoytpe, Oneiros Valley didn’t skimp on the quality of the materials.  The CDH-Tac Finland design is ideally sized for Everyday Carry.  Overall, just a nice effort by Oneiros Valley; a company that wasn’t on my radar, but based on this latest effort, definitely will be in the future. 

THE-E Pocket Organizer can be pre-ordered here at a 15% discount.  Expected delivery date is December 2014 – January 2015.     

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  1. Jesse Ables says:

    Great review, Blaine!

    The YKK zippers we’re using in production feature 3/4″ wide tape, versus the 5/8″ tape on the sample you received. The extra zipper width should help alleviate the corner binding issues you experienced.

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