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Prometheus Design Werx A.G. Watch Cap Review

I was tent camping up in Wisconsin this past weekend and, even though it’s getting warmer, the temperatures dropped into the low 40’s at night.  That might not sound like much, but I tend to sleep cold and the Kifaru Woobie I had brought as part of my sleep system wasn’t cutting it (another review for another time).  As these things often go, that caused a domino effect that had me breaking out my Prometheus Design Werx A.G. Watch Cap and Arc’teryx LEAF Atom Jacket.  As I warmed up, I realized I hadn’t reviewed the A.G. Watch Cap even though it’s been a mainstay piece of gear in my bag for many moons now.

The A.G. Watch Cap is PDW’s take on the classic USN Issue Watch Cap.


Prometheus Design Werx A.G. Watch Cap

Prometheus Design Werx A.G. Watch Cap


It’s made in a soft, machine wash & dry, two-season weight 100% merino wool that, according to PDW, is sourced from a leading EU based supplier. Then they use computer controlled knitting machines in California to fully shape the beanie so that it conforms nicely to the shape of the wearers head without bunching or looking pointed on top.

The result is a nicely fitted cap.



My hat size is 7 5/8 so I usually have a hard time finding a hat like this that fits.  For instance, I reviewed the Triple Aught Design Watch Cap back in 2014 and it ran a little small.  The PDW A.G. Watch Cap fits me much better.   



So, if you have a large dome like me, you might want to give the A.G. Watch Cap a try.  I found it to be extremely warm for its weight.  And, except for a few unfortunate minor run-ins with some Velcro from my gear, the hat has proven to be pretty durable.   

The Prometheus A.G. Watch Cap retails for $35 and is sold here.  It’s currently out of stock but subscribe to PDW’s newsletter for word on restocks.  They sold out at least a couple of runs this past winter. 

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