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Shot Show 2014: Surefire

Some great looking new product from Surefire.  And I guess I’ve been living under a rock because I had no idea Surefire sold suppressors.

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  1. P2x Futy looking really nice. 1000 lumens in a small package.

  2. Matthew Fentress says:

    very cool seeing Dakota Meyer in your video

  3. Great choice for a tactical flashlight. I always carry my Surefire along with my conceal carry P938 Sig Sauer 9mm with a Crismon Trace Laserguard. It is nice to know I can use the tactical flashlight to go “hands on” instead of having to go directly to my firearm if the situation arose. You should review the Taser Strike Light…tactical light, striking weapon, and taser all in one.

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