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Shrockworks Rock Sliders Review

The first modification I did to my 4Runner TEP as part of our Overland Project was to add a pair of Shrockworks Rock Sliders.


Shrockworks Rocksliders with Tread Plates

Shrockworks Rocksliders with Tread Plates


What are rock sliders?  They are an aftermarket accessory popular among four-wheel drive vehicle owners who engage in more serious off-road driving. They are typically made of heavy-duty box section steel or tubular steel.  What do they do?  Their primary purpose is to protect the underside rocker panels of the vehicle from damage.  Here’s a video that shows how they work.



For this Overland build, I don’t plan on taking the vehicle rock climbing unless absolutely necessary.  Some guys do it, but I’d rather not risk damaging a brand new vehicle.  However, the sliders still give protection against the occasional large rock off-trail and the Shrockworks Rock Sliders (with the right options) provide other benefits as well.

For instance, I chose to add the optional Dimpled Tread Plates.  The 5th Gen 4Runner Trail Edition has roughly 8.5 inches of ground clearance from the factory.  For the “height challenged”, the plates provide a step up into the vehicle and easier access to the roof, which will come into play later when I add a roof rack.  Either way the wife and kids appreciate the mod, and since the Shrockworks sliders are angled slightly upward, they don’t reduce ground clearance.



Another benefit is they also stick out just far enough to protect the side of the vehicle from damage.



For work, I train into the city four days per week and the 4Runner spends a fair amount of time in a crowded commuter lot.  My last vehicle had many door dings from inconsiderate ass hats who didn’t respect other people’s things.  Now, if someone flings open their door, the Shrockworks Sliders will take the hit.  And their door will lose.

Installation was a little tricky.  These sliders weight 45 lbs each and they bolt right into the frame.  Essentially they become an extension of the vehicle once installed.  One part of the rear driver-side bracket goes between the fuel tank support strap and one of the 4Runner’s skid plates.  Emptying the fuel tank prior to install makes things much easier since you have to unbolt the support strap during the process.



The frame only had to be drilled in one place (the bottom bolt pictured below) since the sliders didn’t line up 100% on my vehicle.  That won’t be the case every time since each vehicle is unique but it certainly was the case with mine.


Since it was winter and I don’t have a heated garage, I decided to use Attitude Performance, a local 4 X 4 shop, to do the install.  They completed it in an afternoon and did a great job.  I’ll use them for other work in the future. 

Shrockworks Rock Sliders retail for $610 with the dimpled tread plate option.  They can be purchased directly from Shrockworks website and they are available for different generations of Toyota vehicles as well as Jeep, Nissan, and Suzuki.




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