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TAD Intercept Selvedge Demin and Dogpatch Revisted

This past week, I visited San Francisco and decided to stop by TAD’s HQ to check out some of their new gear.



This time, I was mostly interested in clothing and tried several pieces on including their Vector SC and Intercept Selvedge Denim pants.

I would have pulled the trigger on the Vector SC’s if they were stocked in my size (38/34).  


Triple Aught Design Vector SC Pants

Triple Aught Design Vector SC Pants


They were so comfortable and extremely lightweight.  Probably not a winter pant but they were tempting regardless.  I’ll be on the lookout for a re-stock in the future. 

Originally, I wanted to pick up a pair of the Black Out Denim Intercepts, but I called ahead and they also didn’t have them in my size.  Luckily that morning, TAD released their newsletter and announced the launch of the Black Selvedge Denim Pants.  


Triple Aught Design Intercept Selvedge Denim

Triple Aught Design Intercept Selvedge Denim


As they were just released, they did stock my size.  Since some (most) Selvedge jeans are made with raw denim, I’ve always thought they would be super stiff until broken-in and therefore I was never interested in owning a pair.

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on the TAD Selvedge.  The material was substantial but not nearly as stiff as I expected.  The jeans were totally comfortable out of the box.  And they fit better than the standard Intercepts, because they don’t have Elastine in them.  Elastine provides some stretch for added comfort but the downside is the standard Intercepts look a little too much like “skinny jeans” on me (with my tree trunk legs) than a pair of regular fit denim.  That wasn’t the case with the Selvedge Intercepts.

I looked around the store a little more…




And then decided to explore the neighborhood.  The last time I came out here was 2014 and the area has changed dramatically.  There was not much around TAD back then but now Dogpatch has transitioned from an aging industrial district to a growing “microhood” with several new residential developments, shops and restaurants.  

Right across the street is the Magnolia Smoke Stack Brewery.



This place had some amazing BBQ and craft beers.  Also definitely try the beans.  They were smokey and had a little kick.  



My newly purchased Selvedge Intercepts rode shotgun.



If you get a chance and like BBQ (or Beer), I highly recommend the Magnolia Smoke Stack Brewery.  I also had a scoop of Cookies and Cream at the Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous Ice Cream Shop down the street.  Some of the best I’ve had and I’m a huge ice cream fanatic.  

As you can tell, I really enjoyed my visit.  With all the growth, I can’t wait to return to Dogpatch next year.  Now, more than ever, a “must visit” destination for any TAD fan.  

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