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Triple Aught Design Sterile Transporter Tail Review

It’s been a long time coming but Triple Aught Design has finally started shipping the Sterile Transporter Tail for their Fastpack EDC and Litespeed backpacks.


Triple Aught Design Sterile Transporter Tail

Triple Aught Design Sterile Transporter Tail


The tail is “sterile” because it isn’t covered in MOLLE webbing; effectively dialing down the tactical appearance of both packs.  I installed the Sterile Tail on my 1st Generation Litespeed.  One thing I quickly realized is I could no longer use Web Dominators in the same way to clean up the extra webbing that’s left over when the tail is not in use.  I’m really OCD when it comes to hanging straps so I opted to set up the Dominators behind the tail instead.




The top two Web Dominators are used in the tranditional way.  Webbing is folded and secured with the bungee cord.  Because they are behind the tail, it creates a bit of tension which keeps it from sagging.  No Carabiner required.




The bottom was trickier.  Based on a suggestion from members in the TAD Junkies Facebook Forum, I decided to route the webbing back through the buckles and route it underneath.




I then used the bottom Web Dominators to secure the ends of the straps to the pack so they don’t flop around.




The result is a very clean look.  And it’s easy to undo the Dominators if you need to loosen the straps to use the tail for securing bulkier items like an extra layer or even a rifle (the back of the Sterile Transporter Tail still has the pocket that can be used to secure the butt of a rifle).


Litespeed Tail


Here is the finished product, which is sure to draw less attention.




The Triple Aught Design Sterile Transporter Tail comes in black, coyote brown, foliage, multicam, and multicam black.  The quality is typical TAD, which is to say its top notch.  It retails for $20-30 plus shipping depending on the color option and can be purchased here.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. AA says:

    So I received this recently via some friends kind enough to bring it from the US. It’s exactly what you expect it to be. It also solves no problems whatsoever with the whole tail/anchors system.

    Firstly, it’s a real shame there’s no way to attach the tail without using all the buckles and providing four buckles worth of interference with the main zipper. I’ve now started using grimlocs to secure the top of the tail straps and clipping the buckles on the tail into each other vertically, so the zipper remains free. 9 out of ten times I just want to carry a jacket in the tail.

    Secondly, the anchor system is so bad. The elasticated sleeve just worked so much better. Attaching the tail to the inside of the bag is both bulky and fiddly. Neither the tail or control panel attached inside to form a pocket have any stretch to them, so loading them is unbelievably frustrating. It’s complicated for the sake of being complicated. The elasticated sleeve just worked.

    It feels like TAD is all about selling accessories now. The Meridian is a system, not just a bag. A very costly one at that.

    • Blaine B. says:

      AA, I agree with the accessories comment to some extent. I’ve switched back to the V1 Litespeed because I didn’t care for the elimination of the elasticized sleeve in favor of the control panel or internal tail setup of the V2. I hardly ever go anywhere without a tablet or laptop and therefore I consider the sleeve to be an essential feature. It’s also a much easier setup for securing hydration reservoirs.

      As far as the attachment points go, they do interfere with the main zipper but I find myself rarely unzipping the entire bag to access contents inside. I just go through the top. Because of that, the V1’s load lifter buckles are more of an issue for me than the tail. It’s the reason TAD eliminated them in the V2 design and I stated in my review of that pack that eliminating those buckles were a great idea. If they would have kept the V1’s excellent straps and the internal organization the same and just stopped there, then the V2 would have been a absolute no-brainer for me.

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